Living in the Mind's Eye

Where I Go


There will be laughter where I go,


belly grabbing laughter.


there will be music where I go,

and flowers

and knowing.


mystical reasons that no one knows,

for being good

and kind

and fair

and caring

and all senses will know all senses.

And there will be children where I go,

male children,

that like to touch my hair,

little boys

with their nature smiles

that flirt with ladies

and little girls

that sit on my lap and touch my face.

There will be children where i go,

potty trained children,

children that have not passed me by

that still know a child's mind.

There will be acquiescence where I go

and there will be crazy and weird and impulse and strange

and singing.

There will be love where I go




and kisses

wonderful wonderful kisses and KISS ISSES

and kindness where I go.

There will be cats where I go

lots and lots and lots of cats

and kittens

...and a few dogs.

There will be push brooms where I go and vinegar and daylilies and there will be

gold where I go,

gold everywhere

and silver

and grey

and green

and blue

and pink,

and pink,

oh lots and lots of pink.

And rainbows will cost nothing.

There will be cheers when I get there

with my wild wild hair and loud loud laughter.

There will be Rahs and Hurrahs and Okays and All rights and

positives and plusses and equals and yelling...

No ...


and no one will care what the neighbors think where I go.

There will be oceans where I go

and stars and moons,

one for each,

and clouds

exclusively by janet goodrich

Living in the mind's eye


and blue blue blue skies and more kisses.

And one day,

you will be there with me.

Janet Goodrich