Living in the Mind's Eye


exclusively by janet goodrich

Living in the mind's eye

           Blame is what’s happening these days–mostly because it’s just easy.

             It’s a lot harder to accept responsibility for your own actions. Harder to say, “It was my fault.” Harder to forego the predictable lament, “I did it because you, he, she did so and so.”

             You can blame your parents, blame the host, blame the weather, blame the bartender, or even blame the distiller for you getting snot-faced and driving. You can blame the gun manufacturer, blame McDonald’s for making you fat, blame government cause you don’t have a big screen TV, blame the bank cause you owe student loans when you shoulda went to trade school; but the truth is, that no matter how many scapegoats that are contrived, everyone is responsible for their own actions.

             Blame is just another way to fool yourself, but what this country needs is backbone, some honesty, some perseverance, some strength, some buck stops here. We need our word to mean more than what’s written.

             We need honesty–don’t trade your word for dollars. A man’s word (or woman’s) is his honor and honor is a man. We need not to be afraid to stand for what we believe. We need a desire for ethics and character that means more than dollars money cash. We need unequivocally to realize that, money is not the measure of a man.

             God gave humans two gifts he did not give any other species, that is free-will and laughter.

             The gift of free will, the ability to reason, to choose, to make choices about every aspect our being is squandered in blame.

             Any human, absent disability or handicap, who does not acknowledge that they have a choice, who does not embrace free will, who just blames something or someone is simply inferior or indisputably ignorant.

             However, if you just can’t pull yourself up by your bootstraps and accept it like a man and you’re running scarce for excuses, for those of you that are old enough to remember the immortal words of ‘Geraldine’, “The devil made me do it.”


© Janet Goodrich