Living in the Mind's Eye

Louisiana Water

I've heard that Louisiana

water spouts from artesian wells.

But I can touch it in the air.

It settles in the shower and

grows and reeks of attic must.

Artesian black spots form on

humid left over clothing that

stayed too long on the

bathroom floor, sopped from

over-flowing faucets of

Louisiana water.

Sometimes I wipe Louisiana water from the walls.

And I can freeze it into


shapes that break my teeth

but cool between my breasts.

Sometimes it slicks my hair.

I can take Louisiana water in

my mouth and push it round with my tongue.

When the cool wind blows I feel the Louisiana water and

see it in the air and taste in the thick rich coffee the substance from which it is made.


Janet Goodrich

exclusively by janet goodrich

Living in the mind's eye