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To say he or she "went missing" is grammatically irresponsible.

Went is the past tense of the verb go.

No one can "go" missing.


To depart: he went, she went or they went.
To lose something or someone
it is missing, she/he is missing.

Either they are missing or they are not.

To go implies an object. She goes to the store.
To the store is a prepositional phrase that is the direct object of 'goes.'


Went is the past tense of go, therefore it needs an object.


Missing is an adjective --it modifies a noun.
Missing is not a place.
Missing is a condition.


One cannot "go to a condition."
One cannot "went to a condition.


She/he went (somewhere) requires a noun not an adjective.

Go and went require a place, an object.







I go to..., she/he goes to..., they go to...

She/he is missing, was missing (from where).

She (He) was missed (at what time).

Nothing can went missing."
No one can
went missing.
Nothing can
go missing.
No one can
go missing.



She/he is missing.
She/he was missing.
She/he was missed at a time.

They are missing.
They were missed.

One will be missing from my television if she/he keeps murdering the English language.


Janet Goodrich

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