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exclusively by janet goodrich

 Impressionistic view of Louisiana with characteristic shrimp boat, misting in the bayou, with Louisiana's state bird, The Brown Pelican,  and illustrious crawfish, alligator, swamped in a landscape representation of the Louisiana’s likeness.

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Instructional protocols for Nuclear Medicine standards including facility templates and forms for procedures, safety, and quality assurance.

Janet Goodrich (Author) John W McMorris CNMT ASCP(NM) (Author)             


             One Times Won is a wonderful belly grabbing, rolling on the floor, giggling way to learn multiplication-using mnemonics, a skill we use everyday from childhood to adulthood to trigger memory with mnemonics. Watch your child realize the magical moment of imagination! Yes, learning can be fun.



        a Kindle novelette by Janet Goodrich

               Armand and Celeste LeDay 's centuries old lifestyle dramatically changes when the Louisiana marshland is invaded by globs of oil from a spill and the environment is infected by its saviors.

             The marsh is saturated with oil-eating-microbes and when they won't eat up the chemicals fast enough, their inventors create inducers and stimulate the little bugs Then the microbes get hungry for a little more than oil, while unaware Armand and Celeste lovingly banter about his Catahoula Cur.

        I sure hope the control doesn't eat the control because as Johnette says: "If we can't flit 'em, whatta we do?" But Johnette thought "...only God made bugs."

Bayou Microbe
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